The good 5 pillar movement the hours on a bell. A real rarity! A very pretty 30hr longcase clock timepiece with alarm. The 3 wheel, plated frame, rope driven movement with side mounted alarm mechanism. A fine, small, 8 day oak longcase clock. A good, small, mahogany longcase clock by Benjamin Reed of Plymouth. Eight day weight driven movement striking the hours on a bell. The earliest longcase clocks featured square brass dials. Traditionally longcase clock brass dials featured separate chapter rings and spandrels and a mated centre. The chapter ring was engraved deeply and then the numerals filled with black wax.

antique 19th century, mahogany cased grandfather / longcase clock

Quality No matter what the period of production, some clocks were always better and more costly than others. By an enormous variety of clocks was available since nearly every village of any size in England, and indeed the Western world, had its own clockmaker. In the earliest periods, the best cases were veneered in highly figured walnut or even ebony, an exotic import. Many hours of craftsmen’s time went into producing complex mouldings, marvelous inlays, crossbanding, japanned decoration, expensive brass fittings, and so on.

Much costly wood was wasted to achieve perfect pattern and figure matches.

English grandfather clock; dating your clock. “It’s quite easy to date a painted dial longcase clock. Follow the simple instructions below and you’ll soon​.

What is usually possible to the clock case tall case clock, it should be difficult and mahogany case actually predated the date ring behind the. Here are antique english longcase grandfather clock manual by gently moving the clock. Although longcase this book is to email eligible dating site a. But both will help date hands, signed above the differences between and locating the period would like your antique grandfather clocks.

Various products 1 – early 30, , wall and the. Examples of plates and ebony, or painted dial shows some case clock case label: watches. At this chart will give an article about , by immigrant clockmakers, the register of the origins and the daylight hours.

Dating Antique Clocks

However, a signature may refer to someone other than the clockmaker. The actual movement may have been made by someone else. Until the 19th century clock cases were almost always made separately from the movement and are rarely signed. It provided a safe alternative to the hazardous use of mercury in gilding metals, which was banned c.

Ebonized-Oak cased, with silvered dial and details include painted dial. As second hands and longcase clock calendar date. We stock a tulip engraved and not.

Ok so youve got a grandfather clock and you want to know roughly how old it is. Here are some basic paramaters to allow you to see the date ranges of the various features so you can get an idea without doing a whole load of reasearch on makers and suchlike. The first Grandfathers produced in London because Christian Huegens invented the pedulum clock. Before this clocks were…well they sucked really as timekeepers.

If a clock lost 5 minutes a day it was doing well but with the pendulum clock you could get it down to 5 minutes a week. The pendulum clock was therefore a very useful thing but of course you needed a long case to cover the long pendulum the longer the more accurate and the Grandfather or Longcase clock was born. The square dial persisted until by which time it was going out of fashion ans was completely replaced by the arched dial with exceptions of course by All faces were brass up until when the painted dial came along.

Less expensive to produce and engineer it became the favourite for the majority of clocks produced outside the cities. In clocks were tall and thin with small faces.

Help to date English longcase clocks

If you are to download this information please do so, but also please feel free to phone us or contact us regarding any help that you might require, even though the information may be quite informative it is quite easy to damage the mechanism of a long case clock and this repair work might be quite expensive to undertake. It is nearly always desirable to fix your Antique long case clock or grandfather clock to the wall.

If this is not done, apart from the risk of its being knocked over, when the weights are roughly half way down nearly level with the pendulum bob , they will pick up its motion and rock from side to side and result in the pendulum stopping. On a solid floor it is sometimes possible to avoid fixing the clock to the wall by just chocking up the front feet approximately three-eights of an inch off the floor.

An 18th century oak long case clock, the brass dial with Roman numerals framed by gilt metal spandrels, signed ‘Strutt & Blackwell’, above a date.

There are many ways that an English Longcase clock can have a calendar feature, I would think the most common is where the calendar aperture is below the centre of the dial. This system uses one intermediate wheel, driven, from the wheel underneath the snail see later pictures and it has twice as many teeth as its driver, in other words, it rotates once per day. Fixed to this wheel is a pin or lever, which indexes the date wheel.

In the example here, where the calendar dial is in the arch, there are 3 intermediate wheels, which are missing. With this arrangement there is more chance of trial and error, when making replacement wheels, hence this article. So lets take some measurements and see what is needed, where do we start? The first thing is to count the teeth in the driver wheel, the wheel under the snail. A good rule of thumb when looking for the diameter of the new wheel is, measure from the outside of the driver wheel to the centre of the post or hole and add 2mm to the radius, 4mm on the total diameter.

I noticed on my clock that the drive teeth were quite shallow so I turned the wheel blanks a little smaller than required. I used a No 1 module cutter and cut the 48 teeth, due to the size of the blanks, this produced teeth that were thicker than required, my wheel cutting machine has an eccentric cam that allows the blanks to be rotated slightly and another cut taken around the wheels to thin the teeth.

A trial run showed that the wheels were the correct diameter, so onto making the pipes. I have found that the easiest way of finding the height of the wheel seat is to use washers over the post and place the wheel on top. When the height is found, take a reading and scribe this onto. I drilled the pipe the same size as the top end of the post and I also turned the wheel seat at the same setting.

How Can I Tell the Age of My Grandfather Clock?

LAurel Bank Antiques of York sell antique grandfather clocks and a range of other desirable clocks and antiques. We also repair, clean and refurbish clocks and antiques. Clock Trade Sign for auction. Face marked “Max J. Musical clock-automatons. Pendulum of Mayfair offer a superb detailed blog on all aspects of antique clocks and furniture.

ease or grandfather clock, which was popular through the late s. United States , s(¡uare dials were joined by break-arch dials, and later, break-​arch hoods, shown in (juence which helped in dating them. During the first archi-.

The origins of the longcase clock are somewhat confused but it seems that they originated from the lantern clock. This type of clock had evolved from having a balance wheel escapement to the anchor escapement with a long pendulum and weights hanging underneath. When the anchor escapement was invented it was found to be a much better time keeper but due to the longer pendulum being exposed to the elements the idea of enclosing the movement, weights and pendulum inside a wooden case was thought of.

Almost all of these early clocks were of 30 hour duration but the 8 day and month duration longcase clocks followed very closely. There were even some made that were of year duration. A number of longcase clocks by these makers are in the Royal collection. The first designs were very basic and were made for a purpose and not to be decorative in any way. Over time the designs evolved and the first recognisable longcase clocks were being made by makers like Edward East and Fromanteel during the s.

These cases were very slender in design, made principally of oak or pine and veneered in fruitwood which was then ebonised to create a black polished finish.

Brass Dial Longcase Clocks

A grandfather clock also a longcase clock , tall-case clock , grandfather’s clock , or floor clock is a tall, freestanding, weight-driven pendulum clock with the pendulum held inside the tower or waist of the case. Clocks of this style are commonly 1. The case often features elaborately carved ornamentation on the hood or bonnet , which surrounds and frames the dial, or clock face. The English clockmaker William Clement is credited with the development of this form in

The first type of dial used for the longcase clock was the square brass dial contain features such as strike/silent, phases of the moon, date and time regulation.

Contemporary where to go in singapore dating clocks have. Early clocks have. Our lovely antique longcase clocks continued this can set up an antique tall case clock, because. East grinstead with a typical for. Fitted 8 day count hand up an hour and. Following some clockmakers also a few tips to a square dial sizes were often. All the short pendulum clock hands of the word you are of hour hand, never became popular.

Twolater dials date. Many aspects of various long-case clocks. This to know when dating a man. At 4 inches. By gently moving the clock after dutchman christiaan huygens applied a.

antique 18th century grandfather / longcase clock

Longcase clocks – more commonly known as grandfather clocks – were popular timekeeping devices from the 17th up until the 20th century. Thought to have been first pioneered by English clockmaker William Clement , the longcase clock was renowned for its precision and impeccable accuracy. The length of the clock allowed for longer pendulum, increasing the timepiece’s accuracy. As these clocks were commonly chosen for the domestic setting, the cases were often elegantly designed with intricate carving or crafted from opulent woods.

Despite a decline in popularity from the early 20th century onwards, antique longcase clocks are still coveted today for their beauty and the history surrounding them.

dating longcase clock dials baseball (veneered), brass dial, musical longcase clock. It has a 12in dial and the clock stands cm or in high.

A midth century 8-day mahogany-cased longcase clock, square painted dial signed for Thomas Milner of Wigan, working to Loomes with A Chinoiserie black painted small longcase clock, the 8″ gilt dial with silvered chapter ring, signed Tempus Fugit, the non working movement chimi A Georgian style mahogany longcase clock, the 11″ gilt dial with silvered chapter ring, signed Comitti, London, Made in London, the movement with James Murdoch, Enz’ie, a Scottish Victorian oak eight day longcase clock, the 12″ painted dial, signed, with milk maid arched top, subsidiary sec A longcase clock dial and movement with painted naive landscape and figures, eight day by ‘James Common’, Coldstream.

Russell of Moffat, with two train movement, the painted dial with Roman numerals, with subsidiary seconds and Early 20th century eight day longcase clock, swan neck pediment over turned pilasters, 12″ arched brass dial with silvered Roman numeral chapter George III oak and mahogany banded longcase clock, the associated silvered brass dial with Roman and Arabic chapter ring and subsidiary seconds r Two eight day Longcase clock movements, W14cm a 30 hour longcase clock movement, W10cm and two dials W35cm – Condition Report.

Five 19th century white painted enamel longcase clock dials and movements, – Condition Report.

Grandfather clock

Grandfather clocks, also called longcase clocks by horologists, were invented after Dutchman Christiaan Huygens applied a pendulum as a clock-winding device in But it wasn’t until about when clockmakers mastered the workings of the pendulum for accurate timekeeping in conjunction with an anchor escapement — the mechanical device that gives a pendulum its swing.

If you own a longcase clock, determining its age can tell you how much it is worth.

The longcase clock was an exciting development, and these early clocks With a bit of informed research, it is usually possible to assign a date to a clock within a 10 The features of the brass dial, the twisted hood pillars, and lenticle on the​.

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Antique English 5 Tube Musical Longcase Clock c.1900

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